Explainer Videos: 4 Gains of Having One in Your E-Commerce Website


The ability to drive high traffic to your e-commerce website is the foundational block of enhancing your sales online. With a good strategy, you can easily convert your traffic into buyers. However, pulling a crowd of visitors to your site is not a simple task. For you to succeed, you need to invest time and apply techniques that will give your current audience a reason to recommend you to their peers. 

Having an explainer video can play a crucial role in creating a competitive advantage on your site. Apart from this, you may want to know how your e-commerce business will gain from it. Here are some of the gains of having an explainer video on your site:

Increase customer engagement

Like a physical store, client engagement is a determiner of whether you will make sales on your online store or not. High engagement rate equals more sales, while the opposite is true. Your customers want to have adequate information about your product to decide if it is the best fit for them. An explainer video can help you to educate your customers and deal with their current fears and worries.

Importantly, videos help to pass across information in a more personalized manner that the written content. This is because they address the person directly as if in a one on one conversation. Thus, explainer videos are essential to enhancing your e-commerce web customer engagement.

Enhance customer satisfaction

A video does two crucial things in your website: entertaining and educating. By entertaining the customer, you make them feel good and fall in love with your website. Accompanying the feeling with several tips about your products makes your site visitors to feel as if they know more about your product than they did. This way, you eliminate any chances of having doubt and dissatisfactions.

Also, using explainers to showcase your products and services creates a strong bonding and relationship between your products and the customers. As such, chances of a sense of dissatisfaction diminish as now your customers have a wider understanding of your products and services.

Makes your website to stand out

With digitization, came stiff competition. Unlike the traditional days, the size of your business does not matter in the virtual world. In this era, the ability to craft a winning strategy that makes you stand out from the rest is what determines your business success or failure. Using explainer videos is one tactic that can set you apart from the rest.

As you know, you can only be lying if you claim to be selling new original products. All that you are dealing with are tweaks to already available products. For this reason, you must put extra effort to convince your audience that yours are the best choice. Hence, a video explaining about your products may be the only one thing you need to be ahead of your competitors.

Boosts your site shareability

If you compare the rate of sharing between written content and videos, the answer will be that people are likely to share an article with a video than the latter. This is not different in the e-commerce world. A large number of people will click the sharing button if they find that your explainer videos are helpful in solving their problems. They would like their peers to enjoy the same benefits.

Hence, they will move on to sharing such a video on their social media pages and tag their peers and relatives. In this regard, if you are seeking forth to boost your website social shares, including an explainer video is not a bad idea.

All in all, explainer videos have several benefits.  If you want to stand out and become a best seller in this digital-driven era, having an explainer video is the best way out.  

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