Explainer Video Can Help Sell Online

Explainer Video Can Help Sell Online

Research shows that explainer videos can boost online sales. The following are some reasons that show why explainer videos can help sell online.

  1. Buyers love educational videos

A customers shopping experience can advance with explainer videos. Statistics show that videos that demonstrate something or educate the customers are preferred and can capture customer interest. Research also shows that 60% of the customers who owned tablets were more interested in purchasing a product when they see a product.

  1. More popular with mobile users

In today’s day and age mobile phones are a widespread all over the world. They have gained popularity over every other device available. Research shows that mobile users are more likely to watch a video regarding a certain product rather than reading textual descriptions that are much more time consuming.

  1. Increased sales, reduced interests

Research has shown that there are various benefits for making videos to show businesses of all sizes and in return increasing their growth and sales as well. An example of this is Zappos, whose sales increased by 30% gaining them quite a lot of profit. On the other hand, Ice.com calculated a 25% fall in their products returned.

  1. Sharing videos on social media sites

Explainer videos are known to increase SEO for businesses online as well. Using social media sites to upload these videos can be quite beneficial for the sales as many people can keep sharing the video and thus gaining more awareness of the product. Online businesses should use Pinterest to their advantage as that is the best social media sites to increase sales.

  1. Explainer videos increase purchases

Articles on Reel SEO show that whenever explainer videos are used on an online purchasing site, the sales of that product increase by 1%. Moreover, the customers were seen to spend much more time on the page as well. Therefore it is beneficial to use explainer videos so that it attracts more customers and simultaneously increase the sales of the product as well.

  1. Omnichannel Shoppers

The use of mobile phones by every other person has turned people into omnichannel shoppers; this means that they are more likely to spend time on more than one online website before buying a certain product. Research also shows that if online sites have demo videos, the chances of a customer buying the product will increase by 40%.

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