The Rise of BBW: Women with Plenty to Love

In the past, the Big Beautiful Women in our society were not really held in high regard. It’s a well-known stereotype that men are predominantly attracted to the small, thinner woman. But body positivity has been having a moment as of late. One could say that just as the measurements on big girls are constantly growing, their acceptance is growing too.

Drake even declared he likes his girls BBW. Yes, women that are big and beautiful are attracting the Canadian Rapper’s attention. Recent studies have shown that there’s a rising interest in the genre. Pornhub’s statistics show that viewership in bbw videos has increased by 47% since 2013, with Africa leading the pack in BBW porn related searches. It is the continent with the highest proportion of BBW related searches.

Social activists have been vocal about the acceptance of all body types and have denounced fat shaming in the media and business.  Are their efforts finally beginning to pay off? Runways and magazine front pages are being dominated by plus-size models. The glorious thigh gap has been usurped by thick thighs. The society’s perception of big women that were often seen as jokesters; with low self-esteem and lonely is now growing into viewing them as sassy and daring beautiful women. The additional preference of ‘thick’ women in black culture has also contributed to this gradual rise of women with plenty to love. It is no secret that most Africans do love bbw porn videos

Could this mean that our culture is becoming more accepting of bigger women, either under the sheets or on the front cover of magazines?

But the concept of the normal beautiful woman remains blurred in the adult film porn industry.

Comedy stars such as Lena Dunham and Amy Schumer are far smaller compared to what one would consider as BBW. Most people mistake BBW for being ‘thick’. Thick is the urban term that refers to large thighs, ass, and hips but not necessarily the stomach. BBW is all that plus the tummy and the extra body fat.

The lack of stigma towards big beautiful women in the black culture is not the only avenue for bbw porn. The soft curves and the all-enveloping embrace of the fuller figured woman has always lured men. It is by no means a new fetish. Most personalities were inclined towards being smothered with love and food by a sweet woman, who in most cases was the big beautiful woman.  But it has seen something of a revival in recent times. The increase in the popularity of the big booty porn subgenre is a testimony to this.

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Though the data is true, there is a catch to all this. The increase in popularity of the big booty porn does point to a larger trend in our culture, but not in the way we think. Thick women have been incorrectly labeled as BBW. We seem to be accepting “large” women who are actually not large in the first place. It’s the voluptuous curves that we like.