LA isn’t an easy dating scene…or a particularly pleasant one for that matter. We wrote this short article to share the best places to pick up girls in Los Angelesthe best bars and the best dating apps – as well as some ideas where to take someone cool you met on a date.  

Backstage Bar & Grill

This karaoke bar, which enjoys a good location in Culver City, fuels bad singing and bad decisions at once. This is one of the best things about it! The spot offers stiff drinks, happy hour every day, and a nourishing menu. The wildest patrons come on weekends.

Ye Rustic Inn

This is a dive bar in the peaceful Los Feliz, where locals often end up after a late night out. Its heavy drinks, relaxing ambience, seductive lighting, and unique energy make it a great place to find a girl to date in LA. You’ll find visitors have abandoned their inhibitions at home.


A Hollywood joint that draws wave crowds, goths, and completely ordinary people – there is truly something for everyone. On a Saturday, you might meet a kink fan at Bar Sinister. If you’re after a more conventional experience, look no farther than the casual, well-lit front bar. Even if you don’t find a girl, you’ll at least enjoy a great meal and drink.

Best Dating Apps to Find Girls in LA

We all know about Grindr and Tinder, so let’s introduce some newer and more interesting options: S’More and Elite Singles. The first was developed based on a unique premise – you can’t see someone’s picture before actually interacting with them. All profiles are blurred at the beginning and the images begin to unblur as you chat. Then, there is the standard profile setup with information about your sector, job, and education as well as personality, mood, hobbies, and other personal information. Don’t neglect the introductory message: it’s what everyone will see first.

Elite Singles is a great choice if you’re looking for something more than a fling. Most members are between 30 and 50. The user-friendly site can help you find a girl whom you’d love to see more than once.

Romantic Spots in LA 

Two of the best places to take someone on a date are Yamashiro and Hollywood Bowl. The atmosphere at Yamashiro will transport you to the Samurai epoch. No one can deny that Hollywood Bowl is a wonderful, almost magical experience. Just make sure the weather’s good because it can be quite a wait to get in. Get an aisle seat when buying tickets to enjoy normal legroom. You also won’t cause a stir when you get up to go to the bathroom.