When it’s getting close to spring, everyone wants to cut out or look for solutions to shred down to get those six packs. One thing people tend to turn to are fat burners.

The name fat burner is very misleading. Truth be told, fat burners don’t really burn fat. They are just like any other stimulant to help you concentrate better and give you extra energy in your training. If you think that fat burners will help you lose weight, hold on and read on.

With any fat burners, side effects can arise from ingredients listed on the labels as well as ingredients not listed on the labels. Obviously, side effects vary from product to product depending on what’s in it.

Most side effects people experience are directly related to the high level of caffeine these products contain or the combination of different stimulants, either on their own or in combination with certain other ingredients.

Let’s learn more about the common side effects of fat burners.

Difficulty of Sleeping

Too much consumption of caffeine interfere the normal metabolism of the body. This leads to inability of the body to function in a normal state, resulting inadequacy of sleep that could cause insomnia and extreme fatigue.

Heart Complications

Its main ingredients are stimulants and bitter orange that have been found dangerous to the heart and can cause heart attack and stroke. FDA officials keep reminding doctors to be aware of patients with heart problems taking diet and fat burning pills.

Stomach Problems

Fat burner hits the metabolism and increases the rate that your body uses foods. Constipation and diarrhea are the two most common stomach problems you could experience from taking it regularly.


Although deaths from consuming these pills are rare, they do happen. In fact, FDA banned some fat burning pills in 2003 to ephedrine issue and excess consumption.